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Drinking In The Sights

Today I was fortunate to have a good friend come to town and did some sightseeing this afternoon. Granted, my outfit wasn’t exactly a show stopper, but it was comfortable and practical for what we were up to. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)



Jacket: Charlotte Russe (this season); Scarf: American Apparel; Tee: Gap; Belt: Express; Jeans: Mango; Shoes: Lands End Canvas; Purse: Mango

Summer? Ugh.

I may be OCD, but I prefer to say that I’m just really organized, and I plan my outfits in advance. Granted, some days I may not be in the mood for a particular outfit, so that’s why you plan a bunch. What I do is I look at my Pinterest inspirations and spend a Sunday afternoon going through my closet to see what I can make from them. From there I put all the pieces I’d need for an outfit on the bed and take a picture of it. Then, when I lay awake in the morning, trying to wake up, I flip through my pictures and determine what I’m in the mood for that day. It’s also helpful since I bike and often have to pack my clothes for when I get in the office. I hate forgetting a belt or a necklace, but with a picture you know all the pieces to pack. And, let’s be honest – I’m often running late for work, so it saves a ton of time.

This has been a great method so far and hasn’t failed me yet. That is until today. I spent yesterday picking out a ton of new outfits, taking pics, etc. Well, San Francisco isn’t supposed to ever get warm. I was promised that before moving here. My KISA this morning commented on how warm the week was going to be. I looked at the forecast: 70’s and 80’s for the week. In the city. What the heck? And, where I work it is upper 70’s and upper 80’s for the week. UGH. Well, all the outfits I’d meticulously picked out are for fall weather. So, I had to scramble this morning and was not a fan of doing the closet dance.

After I got to work this morning I had to spend the next half hour cooling down. Gross.

Summer Skirt


Jacket: The Limited; Tank: Express; Necklace: random store in Madrid; Skirt: Banana Republic Factory; Shoes: Lands End Canvas

“Show” Attire

I’m not sure why, but if we’re going to a show I seem to have a hard time figuring out what I want to wear. I mean, what happens if Brandon Flowers wants me to come up on stage with him? I want to make sure I look good. Oh, and it gets really hot in there with hundreds of people with intense body heat, so you have to make sure to dress coolly. And you have to wear flats if you want to dance to all the words. (Well, you could wear heels, but you’ll be standing for a long time and I’m personally a wuss about that.)

The Killers


Necklace: Banana Republic Factory; Shirt: Zara (this season); Belt: H&M (this season); Jeans: Mango; Shoes: Nine West

The Killers!!!!

If you’ve seen my Facebook or Instagram posts, I’m sure you’ve seen that I went to see The Killers last night. I fell in love with The Killers a quite a few years ago and fell deep in love with Brandon Flowers, the lead singer. I mean, that voice! Gosh he’s dreamy.Killers 3

When I first started dating my Knight in Shining Armor he used to lecture me because I would call a concert a concert and apparently they are “shows”. Silly me. After watching The Killers perform I now understand why some are shows, not concerts. They had confetti explosions, pyrotechnics, lasers, a video screen, and two cover songs. My favorite cover song on one of their albums is Romeo and Juliet, which I was secretly hoping they’d play (and by secret I mean I told my KISA every other song I hoped they did), but knew they most likely wouldn’t  Well, they didn’t  But, the cover songs they played were even better. First, Brandon and his guitarist broke off into “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay”, which is amazing since obviously he’s singing it in San Francisco. I have that song stuck in my head at least once a week since we’ve moved out here because it’s so fitting. The second cover song was, “I Think We’re Alone Now”. My first childhood music memory was when we lived at “Martha’s” (we lived on a few farms, so you have to clarify which one…Martha was an old mean lady that rented ours to us) and I was dancing to that song and running around some pillows on the floor in our living room during the chorus (“running just as fast as we can…”). I’m sure my younger brother was dancing with me as well since I made him do pretty much everything with me. And, you can probably guess that I’d be screaming out the lyrics as I “danced”. (I put danced in quotes because if you’ve ever seen me dance, it’s really more of a “dance”. I’m told I dance to the words, not the beat. How are you supposed to interpret their lyrics if you only dance to the beat?)Killers 1

Well, my KISA is old. And by old I mean 11 months older than me. And we decided to do a “show” on a Sunday night. And stand for hours. During the show and when we got home we had to stretch each other as we moaned about how much our back and knees hurt. Which continued on into this morning. We also were groggy because we didn’t go to bed until midnight and I for one am hosting a work webinar this morning and had to be on the train before 7 am. Ugh. You can bet I didn’t shower this morning. Being an adult can be tough.

I apologize for the duplication if you follow me on Instagram, but here are some of my favorite pictures from last night.


Piñatas in the Park

I’ve now lived in San Francisco for three months and have never been to Golden Gate Park. If you’re not familiar with what Golden Gate Park is, think of Central Park in NYC, only way bigger and more jungle-ish. One of our friends was having a 30th birthday party in the park, so we ventured over there on Sunday. Granted, we saw only 1/100th of the park, but I’m already in love. I want to take days just to explore it. It’s like you’re on an adventure.

Well, yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day. It was mid 70’s, so what better way to spend it? In fear I’d get cold I wore my chambray shirt that has sleeves that roll. I’d found an inspiration on Pinterest that I’d worn before and decided to do it with white shorts instead of white pants.

Now, a 30th birthday part isn’t complete without a piñata. And, since it’s a 30th that would mean the piñata needs to be filled with candy, booze, silly string, and bang snaps. And there has to be kickball and bean bags. And cupcakes. And some spirits. It was the most fun adult birthday party I’d been to in a long time.

Chambray white modelPark



Shirt: J.Crew Factory (this season); Shorts: Old Navy; Belt: Banana Republic Factory; Shoes: Sperry Topsider


You know your weekend was a whirlwind when you can’t really recall what you did two days ago. We were going about 100 miles an hour. Thankfully it was all fun stuff, but even fun stuff can be tiring.

On Saturday we had a house warming party for one of KISA’s high school classmates. I’ve had a straw hat/fedora since last summer that I really want to wear. They always look cute on other people, but I feel so self-conscious and never know what to wear it with. Well, my KISA knows this and encouraged me to wear it to the party since it was a cook-out and we’d be outdoors. I felt completely uncomfortable the entire time, but I got a lot of compliments on it, so I think I was the only one that was uncomfortable. I’m not inspired to incorporate it more into my outfits.


Hat: Banana Republic Factory; Cardigan: Loft; Blouse: Gap Factory; Belt: H&M (this season); Jeans: Mango; Shoes: Lands End Canvas

Work Friends!

We’re finally making more friends! Ok, so I’m kind of cheating because they are people my KISA works with, but all my work friends live down in San Jose or the valley, which is too far to hang out. So, I’ll just steal his! I’m sure he doesn’t mind.

On Friday night we did happy hour with a bunch of them and I finally got to meet most of the people he’s been talking about since starting his new job. After that we went home and he had to beg me to get back out of bed to go to another coworker’s house party (apparently I get tired after a couple drinks and no dinner). Since I was cold I decided that I had to change my attire and wear something warmer.

My pintrinspiration:

Brown CardiganBrown Cardigan, Me


Cardigan: Zara; Shirt: New York and Company; Belt: Gap; Jeans: Mango; Boots: Aldo

30 Things I’ve Accomplished By 30

On November 10, 2012, my KISA (Knight In Shining Armor) and I were driving home from running errands when he mentioned the date. As I was racking my brain, convinced it was someone’s birthday, I realized it was my half birthday. He innocently joked with me and said, “You know you’re only going to be in your 20’s for 6 more months.” I kept myself composed until I walked in the house…and proceeded to start crying like a baby. Alarmed, he grabbed me and wanted to know what was wrong. I admitted that I didn’t understand why I was crying, but assumed it was the realization that I would 30 in 6 months and there were so many things I always thought I’d do by 30.

In growing up in a very small town in the Midwest you typically get married young. All my life I was convinced that I would be married before I was 25 and be done having kids by the time I was 30. I was close to fulfilling that and was engaged to my high school sweetheart. That is until college woke me up to the possibility of a life outside of my hometown. Those were my only aspirations of what I wanted to do by 30 and deep down I guess I never let go of that.

At this point in time is when I should quote Robert Frost’s, “The Road Not Taken”. As cliché as it sounds, that’s really what my 20’s became, and I chose the road less traveled. I’m now 29 years and 50 weeks old and still not married nor do I have children. But, since I took a different path than most of my family and hometown, in place of that I have other life experiences. I decided to outline for myself and now for all of you, the 30 other things I’ve accomplished by the time I was 30.

  1. I’m the first in my family to get a bachelor’s degree. Beyond that, I also got my MBA.
  2. I’ve lived in three states and studied in five countries.
  3. I’ve jumped off a cliff, off a bridge, off a platform (bungee), and out of a plane.
  4. I’ve gone on my honeymoon to Australia without getting married and made out with four different guys from four different countries.
  5. I’ve never allowed for my life to become complacent – I continually find new things to challenge me.
  6. I try to make every person feel important on their birthday, even if it means taking an international flight to visit them, planning a day that involves visiting three countries and spending the day in Paris, or surprising them with a trip and friends…twice.
  7. I’ve traveled alone, eaten alone, and seen a movie alone. And, I feel comfortable with all three.
  8. I’ve completed four half marathons, four triathlons, and many other 5K+ races.
  9. I’ve been a Big Sister and mentor to an incredible ten year old and helped her and her teachers realize her dyslexia.
  10. I’ve had my heart broken more times than can fit on one hand, yet I’ve never been afraid to love again.
  11. I’ve learned how to meditate and pray.
  12. I’ve traveled to about 30 different countries, five continents, and 37 states.
  13. I’ve been surfing, wake boarding, stand-up paddle boarding, and snowboarding.
  14. I’ve learned to like vegetables and seafood (which I’ve always assumed was impossible) and have become open-minded to trying new foods at least once. Beyond that, I’ve also learned how to cook healthy foods.
  15. I’ve learned how to crochet and sew and made my prom dress in high school (in addition to many other outfits for myself and others).
  16. I was the reigning Grant County Pork Queen for two years in a row.
    Pork Queen
    Just in case you didn’t believe me on the whole Pork Queen thing.
  17. I’ve overcome depression and anxiety.
  18. I’ve owned and sold three homes.
  19. I have a strong relationship with each of my siblings and my mother.
  20. I’ve climbed a mountain over 14,000’ and a rock over 1,000’ (Uluru).
  21. I’m financially secure and have made a decent dent in my retirement savings to be able to retire early.
  22. I’ve seen a psycho-analyst and had every horrible part of me discovered so that I can work to fix them.
  23. I’ve changed jobs four times since graduating from college, each time for a better opportunity.
  24. I’ve been white-water rafting three times and went scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef.
  25. I’ve rehabilitated my knee and wrist after surgery to be stronger than before my surgery.
  26. I take care of my skin and my body to make sure I look younger than 30.
  27. I try really hard to keep in touch with all of my family and close friends, even though that number of people keeps growing.
  28. I strive to make every year of my life better than the last and have succeed thus far.
  29. I can bake food with the best of them. (And, I make a pretty good fried chicken as well.)
  30. I can do a pull-up.*

*Ok, I’m still working at that one, but I have two weeks left.