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Black Silk

I got this shirt:

Black Silk Shirt, Silver Buttons


months ago with a gift card from Banana Republic that my generous old coworkers gave me as a going away gift. I wore the shirt once or twice before realizing that the buttons were silver…and I usually wear gold. I didn’t like how much they stood out and decided to buy new black buttons to replace all 13 buttons.

Black Silk Shirt, Mint Jeans


Necklace: Banana Republic Factory (this season); Shirt: Banana Republic; Belt: J. Crew Factory; Jeans: Gap; Shoes: Kenneth Cole (this season)

Silk & Shorts

My inspiration:

Black and White ModelWhite silk shirt, black shorts


Shirt: J. Crew Factory (this season); Belt: J. Crew Factory; Shorts: Loft; Shoes: Kenneth Cole


What’s worse than running 18 miles?

As I mentioned on Saturday, I was so pumped to have Sarah come into the city to keep me company during my 18 mile run. As I was waiting for her to arrive I opened the windows to the apartment and I heard what I thought was rain. I looked outside and it looked wet, but for all I knew it could have rained during the night. A few minutes later I heard the downpour. When Sarah got to my place it was more of a drizzle again, but it was definitely not what either of us expected. I was told it only rains in San Francisco in the spring. Obviously whoever told me that didn’t know what they were talking about.

We hesitantly took off, Sarah on her bike and me on my trusty legs. Not even a few blocks later it let loose raining…and didn’t let up for another 13 or so miles. Sarah hadn’t gotten to tour Golden Gate Park before, so now she was getting to see what it looked like wet and without a lot of tourists. She was great company and never once complained, even though we were both soaked and literally ringing water out of our clothes. For a number of miles she got off her bike and ran next to me while pushing her bike. It was quite impressive! And, since her job requires her to return to NYC a lot, and for a number of weeks at a time, it was really great having dedicated time to catch up with her. We tried a few new things during the run: caffeine, sliced apples, and ibuprofen. I’m not sure which one of those I loved the most, but I will be incorporating all three of them into my marathon.

I found on the way back that since the ibuprofen did its job I wasn’t in much pain, but my breathing was not keeping up with my legs. I’m sure a huge part of that was my lack of running the last few weeks. After the rain let up we were finally able to see again (“I can see clearly now, the rain is gone…”), but we found that even in being able to see the gigantic puddles did not mean you could avoid them. Ugh. Our feet sloshed through the entire run and never dried.

Sarah and I about 12 miles into the run, taking shelter under the windmill to eat a snack.

Sarah and I about 12 miles into the run, taking shelter under the windmill to eat a snack.

Per my original training plan, this week I was supposed to be doing 20 miles and my longest training run was going to be 22 miles in two more weeks. I was really bummed to have not gotten my long run in last week and therefore no longer be able to train up to 22 miles (you don’t build more than two miles at a time). But at the end of the run Sarah, being the incredible person she is, offered to push me to do 20 miles instead of 18 since I’d had an extra week to rest my legs. It definitely wasn’t easy – for me to do it or her to motivate me. But, we found one of the few flat areas in the city and circled one of the block a couple of times. By the time we reached my front door again her GPS watch said 19.74 miles. Granted, it was .26 miles short of 20 miles, but I was very ok with it. And to finally be able to peel my shoes and socks off. So, what’s worse than running 18 miles? Running 19.74 miles in the rain.

I feel like my attitude towards the marathon has totally shifted and I realize now…I’m going to complete this thing! Come hell or high water or rain.

The Highlight of My Week

Yesterday was our negative one year anniversary of our wedding. Sorry I haven’t written more about our wedding plans…I really do promise to. Anyhow, I asked all my bridesmaids to be in the wedding months ago. I can’t say the same for my KISA who technically has a wedding party of zero at the moment. (Obviously his priorities are different than mine.) I knew there was one person that might be surprised when I asked her to be a bridesmaid, and that was my friend Sarah who lives in the Bay Area. The reason I knew she’d be surprised was because we’d only known each other for maybe six months at the time I asked her. But, it was kind of like when I first started dating Randy and I just knew he’d become my husband. With her I knew when I met her that she’d be a good friend. And, I was right.

Last week I was to complete my 18 mile run. And, I never completed it. My willpower and motivation have dwindled down to a zero, to the point of where if I dropped out of the marathon I’d be accepting of it. When they say training for a marathon is all mental, they’re right. You get very burnt out and bored. Plus the idea of knowing how much pain you’re going to be in when you return is not very motivating either.

This past week was really tough for me because of this and I fell into a bit of a depression. I was unmotivated to do anything and slept a lot. I had no desire to talk to anyone or be social. It was pretty terrible. Sarah had even called to let me know she was in the city and wanted to hang out and I never called her back. I later emailed her to apologize for being such a flake.

Doomsday came yet again this morning where I realized it was my last chance at staying in the marathon and completing the run. I’ve been trying to convince my KISA to either bike the 18 miles with me or else run the last 9 miles with me. He refuses. This morning, as a last straw, I offered to let him watch all of the Patriots game instead of having to split it with the Packers game, which is on at the same time. He still refused. Obviously there was no way he was going to join me.

I got ready for my run, bitter at him for not wanting to take 3.5 hours out of his Saturday to keep me company (not that in a less crazy state I could blame him). As I was almost ready I got a text from Sarah:

“Hey, I know it’s early but I have an idea! Are you doing your 20 mile run today? Would you want company? I could ride along side on my bike, carry your water and treats. I used to ride with Bryan all the time on his long runs. Also, I have to show you my friend’s wedding pictures. I loved her colors, she had a fall wedding in the Berkshires.”

Needless to say, I called her IMMEDIATELY! She’s on her way over with her bike to keep me company during my run. I admitted to her that I never even finished my 18 miles last week, so she would actually have two less miles to bike. She reinforced why she’s an incredible friend, and she’s definitely deserving of the bridesmaid title as she just saved my KISA and I from our first threat of divorce. 😉

Steppin’ Into Fall

I love white. I don’t care about rules of white after Labor Day and will be wearing my white into fall and winter. But, I decided to tone it down a little to look less like a summer dress.

My inspiration:

white dress, black jacket modelBlack Leather Jacket, White Dress


Jacket: Target; Dress: Banana Republic Factory; Belt: Pitaya; Shoes: Kenneth Cole

(P.S. Is that Mary Kate/Ashley Olsen in the picture?)

The Herringbone Vest

Last night we went to dinner with my friend Dragos and his wife Elena since they were in town visiting from the UK (they’re originally from Romania if the names don’t sound very British). My new favorite purchase is a herringbone vest that I’ve seen all over Pinterest for the last year, but haven’t been able to get my hands on. Well, as fate would have it, we went to the outlet malls in Napa on Saturday night and there was one vest in the J. Crew store and it was in my size. FATE. Obviously I had to wear it out to dinner last night. Dragos and Elena didn’t comment on it, but I’m sure they loved it. Who wouldn’t?

Herringbone vest, chambray shirt, white jeans


Vest: J. Crew Factory (this season); Shirt: J. Crew Factory; Belt: J. Crew Factory; Jeans: Levi’s; Shoes: Kenneth Cole

Fun on Top, Business on the Bottom

I was pumped up yesterday that I got to dress up for a company meeting at Salesforce. I’d seen some looks with a chambray shirt mixed with a skirt and was excited to try it. Since I was in downtown San Francisco, after my meeting I got to have lunch with my KISA. When I pressed him on what he thought of my attire he admitted that I looked a little…confused. Obviously he has no appreciation for fashion. But, they say imitation is the sincerely form of flattery and today my boss wore her chambray shirt with a printed skirt.

Skirt and Chambray Shirt ModelPrinted Skirt, Chambray Shirt


Shirt: J. Crew Factory; Skirt: Banana Republic Factory; Shoes: Nine West

A Few of My Favorite Things

I’m not a big fan of wearing too many trends, but this inspiration seemed to pull it off well, so I decided to try all three things I love right now: leopard, army jackets, and stripes.

Stripes and Leopard Inspirationleopard print scarf, striped shirt, army green jacket, black jeans


Jacket: Charlotte Russe; Scarf: J. Crew Factory; Shirt: Zara; Belt: H&M (this season); Jeans: Mango; Shoes: Kenneth Cole

Closet Reacquaintance

One of the reason I really don’t need to shop is because I have a ton of clothes in my closet that I forget about. Does that ever happen to you? When I saw this inspiration I immediately thought of my sheer printed tunic that I bought last winter and don’t appreciate nearly enough.

Tunic Inspirationpatterned tunic, white jeans


Top: BLUE – Saks Fifth Avenue; Belt: H&M (this season); Pants: Levi’s; Shoes: Old Navy

Peach vs. Orange

I realize I’ve been calling these pants peach all this time, but I’m not entirely sure what the technical color is. All I know is that it seems too pretty to be orange.

My inspiration:

Peach Pants Inspirationpeach pants, white collared shirt


Shirt: J. Crew Factory (this season); Belt: H&M (this season); Pants: Gap Factory; Shoes: Lands End Canvas