The Highlight of My Week

Yesterday was our negative one year anniversary of our wedding. Sorry I haven’t written more about our wedding plans…I really do promise to. Anyhow, I asked all my bridesmaids to be in the wedding months ago. I can’t say the same for my KISA who technically has a wedding party of zero at the moment. (Obviously his priorities are different than mine.) I knew there was one person that might be surprised when I asked her to be a bridesmaid, and that was my friend Sarah who lives in the Bay Area. The reason I knew she’d be surprised was because we’d only known each other for maybe six months at the time I asked her. But, it was kind of like when I first started dating Randy and I just knew he’d become my husband. With her I knew when I met her that she’d be a good friend. And, I was right.

Last week I was to complete my 18 mile run. And, I never completed it. My willpower and motivation have dwindled down to a zero, to the point of where if I dropped out of the marathon I’d be accepting of it. When they say training for a marathon is all mental, they’re right. You get very burnt out and bored. Plus the idea of knowing how much pain you’re going to be in when you return is not very motivating either.

This past week was really tough for me because of this and I fell into a bit of a depression. I was unmotivated to do anything and slept a lot. I had no desire to talk to anyone or be social. It was pretty terrible. Sarah had even called to let me know she was in the city and wanted to hang out and I never called her back. I later emailed her to apologize for being such a flake.

Doomsday came yet again this morning where I realized it was my last chance at staying in the marathon and completing the run. I’ve been trying to convince my KISA to either bike the 18 miles with me or else run the last 9 miles with me. He refuses. This morning, as a last straw, I offered to let him watch all of the Patriots game instead of having to split it with the Packers game, which is on at the same time. He still refused. Obviously there was no way he was going to join me.

I got ready for my run, bitter at him for not wanting to take 3.5 hours out of his Saturday to keep me company (not that in a less crazy state I could blame him). As I was almost ready I got a text from Sarah:

“Hey, I know it’s early but I have an idea! Are you doing your 20 mile run today? Would you want company? I could ride along side on my bike, carry your water and treats. I used to ride with Bryan all the time on his long runs. Also, I have to show you my friend’s wedding pictures. I loved her colors, she had a fall wedding in the Berkshires.”

Needless to say, I called her IMMEDIATELY! She’s on her way over with her bike to keep me company during my run. I admitted to her that I never even finished my 18 miles last week, so she would actually have two less miles to bike. She reinforced why she’s an incredible friend, and she’s definitely deserving of the bridesmaid title as she just saved my KISA and I from our first threat of divorce. 😉

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  1. So negative one year to wedding on Sept. 21? You’ll be getting married on my 33rd birthday! Nice job on the blog! Always fun to catch up with your adventures!

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