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Alone Time

Is it bad to really love it when my KISA is gone? He had a work event tonight, which meant I was home alone for the evening. Whoop, whoop!!! Granted I didn’t do anything for the evening, but that’s why it was so great!

My inspiration.

Green Jeans and StripesIMG_5596


Jacket: Express; Shirt: Zara (this season); Belt: H&M (this season); Pants: Gap (this season); Shoes: Lands End Canvas

Purple Blazer

During my shopping expedition in Napa, I also found this blazer. I love the color, I love blazers, and I love knit blazers. I found some inspiration and decided to pair it up with some festive stripes. I wandered into the kitchen after getting dressed and asked my KISA if I looked a little too trendy to train a Finance group. He told me that if I had to ask the question then the answer was probably yes. As I wandered back to the bedroom I realized I really didn’t care.

My inspiration:

Purple Blazerphoto (6)

Jacket: Loft Factory (this season); Tee: Zara (this season); Necklace: Urban Peach Boutique (this season); Belt: H&M (this season); Jeans: Mango; Shoes: Nine West

New Shoes!

photo (2)Ok, I am obsessed with these new shoes. On Saturday my KISA and I did some birthday shopping and I went to Zara, which is one of my all-time favorite stores, and found these. I like them because San Francisco doesn’t get very warm in the summer months (as the statement goes, the coldest winter you’ll ever have is a summer in San Francisco), but the shoes still feels very summery. They’re my happy medium. And, they’re leopard print! Granted, they absolutely KILL my feet because of wear they rub…even six Band-Aids later, but they look great, right?

This is my going to sushi with friends attire.

photo (4)


Cardigan: Zara; Scarf: H&M (this season); Tank: Banana Republic Factory; Jeans: Levi’s (this season); Belt: H&M (this season); Shoes: Zara (this season)

Work? Meh.

Like most people, I had to work on Monday. And like most people, I wasn’t looking forward to it. See, it was friend from Louisiana’s last day in town and she was going to have to explore our beautiful city all by herself. Thankfully my boss had mercy on me and let me leave after lunch.

We proceeded to see the city in the only way we knew how – shopping at H&M. Now, we’ve traveled a lot of places together and explored a lot of countries. But, there was never a city we didn’t explore without stopping at the H&M, regardless of if we’d just been there the day before in another city.

 <Any guys reading, please continue to the picture. Do not keep reading, especially if you’re family or you’ll be sorry. I appreciate your support in this whole blogging business and commend you on reading about fashion, but you really don’t want to read this. Trust me.>

Girl talk! Now, one thing I forget is how incredible it is to get a new bra. Like, seriously. I may have gone a bit overboard as I purchased five new ones, but they’re so great! And, they’re only $15 at H&M and fit perfectly. If you haven’t treated yourself lately – please do so. Your new-found perky boobs will thank you. And so will the man in your life (or woman – I don’t discriminate).

My shopping attire inspiration.

Black Blazer, Jeans, ModelBlack Blazer, Jeans, Me

Jacket: Lands End Canvas; Top: Gap Factory; Necklace: Forever 21; Belt: H&M (this season); Jeans: Levi’s (this season); Shoes: Lands End Canvas

Outlet Malls

I’ve finally started adding a line at the bottom of clothing posting, listing where I purchased each of the items. Most of my things are at least a season old (many 3+ years), but for the new ones I’ll let you know it was this season if you want to check it out.

In adding my listings I realized that a lot of my things are from outlet/factory stores because I hate paying full price. And, there’s an outlet mall in Napa. AND, J.Crew had everything in the store 40%. So, you might be seeing some new items mixed into my closet in the coming weeks.

This was my shopping attire and later more wine tasting.

photo (5)


Jacket: The Limited; Necklace: Forever 21; Tank: Express (layer over another from Old Navy); Shorts: Loft; Belt: H&M (this season); Sandals: Aldo

Hats II

Time for some summer clothes! This is what I wore to Napa to hang out with a couple of crazy friends that were in town visiting and to do some wine tasting. Between some networking and some flirting, we didn’t pay for a wine tasting all day or the next.

photo (3)


Hat: Banana Republic Factory; Shirt: Old Navy; Necklace: Forever 21; Belt: H&M (this season); Short: Banana Republic Factory; Sandals: Aldo

“Show” Attire

I’m not sure why, but if we’re going to a show I seem to have a hard time figuring out what I want to wear. I mean, what happens if Brandon Flowers wants me to come up on stage with him? I want to make sure I look good. Oh, and it gets really hot in there with hundreds of people with intense body heat, so you have to make sure to dress coolly. And you have to wear flats if you want to dance to all the words. (Well, you could wear heels, but you’ll be standing for a long time and I’m personally a wuss about that.)

The Killers


Necklace: Banana Republic Factory; Shirt: Zara (this season); Belt: H&M (this season); Jeans: Mango; Shoes: Nine West


White Pants, Black JacketThis was the start of my inspiration for today. Well, that was until my KISA informed me that I looked like a cowgirl.

A couple months ago we decided to have a date night and go out for a nice dinner and drinks. I decided to dress up and work a black, silk collared shirt with flared jeans, heeled boots, and a black belt. He and I both decided that night that I looked like a cowgirl. It was cute, but definitely bordering on looking country. Well, this morning I got dressed and pulled on a pair of white chinos that flared. I did the whole outfit, was satisfied and decided I should iron the pants before wearing them. That was when he spoke up telling me I looked like a cowgirl. Baffled, I asked what he meant. He immediately retracted his statement and started back peddling, telling me that if I liked it then I should wear it. You know how when someone plants an idea in your head you start to water it and let it grow? I let that happen this morning. I realized that what he meant by looking like a “cowgirl” was because the legs on the pants were flared. Since I didn’t have a lot of time, I pulled the below outfit on instead. I suppose he’s the only one I care to impress for the day, so if he prefer slimmer fitting khakis then that’s exactly what he’s going to get. I’ll fix those pants this weekend and use it at a later date.

Not Cowgirl


Jacket: The Limited; Necklace: Urban Peach Boutique (this season); Shirt: Banana Republic; Belt: H&M (this season); Chinos: Gap (this season); Shoes: Lands End Canvas