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The latest songs I’ve been obsessed with. Feel free to dance along to them.

Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis – And We Danced

This was the first song that introduced me to Mackelmore, but I don’t think it got anywhere near the time or attention it deserved. Plus the music video is pretty epic. (Yep, I said epic.)


Avicii – Hey Brother

I don’t listen to mainstream radio, so this song may already be big, but I just discovered it a couple of weeks ago. The farm girl side of me likes the country undertones, but the hipster side of me loves the dance beat. Enjoy!!

Vampire Weekend – Diane Young

This weekend we spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Outside Lands, which is a music festival here in San Francisco. We biked there every day and stayed until after the last encore of the night. It was a pretty awesome weekend. Exhausting, yes. But, really fun.

Yesterday one of the bands we saw was Vampire Weekend, whom I love. Here’s one of their latest songs.

Smoke & Jackal – No Tell

I’m not sure how this song hasn’t hit main stream, but I’m glad it hasn’t so that I’m the only one that can overplay it.

Robyn – Dancing On My Own

I realize this song isn’t new, but I’m finding not a lot of people have heard it. I love to run to it and to dance to it.

The Postal Service – Sleeping In

Tonight my KISA and I went to show at The Greek in Berkeley. He was really excited about the group, The Postal Service. I was less familiar with them and had only heard a couple of their songs. You know you’re getting old when you get to the show and realize that it’s stadium seating and you get to sit for it! Granted, it’s on a concrete slab, but I didn’t care about that minor detail.

It was a pretty exceptional show for not being able to sing to every word of every song, like I usually do. I’m sure my KISA appreciated that as well. So, there is this girl in the band, named Jenny Lewis. For one of the first times in my life I’ve realized I have the biggest girl crush on her. She has an amazing voice, good style, is gorgeous, and can play the drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, etc. really well. And, she can play the bass with her teeth. I realize it’s a little late in life for me to aspire to be like her, but I hope my daughters (yes, plural  – my KISA understands we’re only procreating if we have daughters) turn out just like her.

I don’t think any of the YouTube videos do them justice, but here is one of their songs I enjoy:

Radical Face – Always Gold

I’ve fallen in love with the group Radical Face. This is one of my favorite songs of theirs, called Always Gold. It has kind of a folksy sound to it. (Noticing a trend?) If it doesn’t start at 1:26, you can fast forward it. It’s a super long intro on the video for some reason.

Passenger – Holes

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to see Passenger. Pandora started playing his music about 6 months ago on my station and I fell in love with all his songs. When I learned he was playing in San Francisco I had to get tickets. My KISA was less than enthused to join me as he hadn’t really heard of him. By the end of the show he had a crush on him as well. Here’s one of his songs. It was tough picking just one.

Avicii – Wake Me Up

My friend Jeni requested a long time ago that I also incorporate music into my blog with songs I love. Well, I’ve finally gotten on that.

The nice thing about living in San Francisco is that there are tons of concerts and festivals, so you’re exposed to all sorts of music. This is a song I was introduced to on Friday and I’m kinda obsessed with it. (I’m not sure if you’re that way as well, but I’ll listen to a song 100 times until I’m sick of it and then move on to the next one.) This song is totally different than most of Acivii’s other music, but I think it’s something most people can relate to. And, I’m not gonna lie – I love how it has a country sound to it.

The Killers!!!!

If you’ve seen my Facebook or Instagram posts, I’m sure you’ve seen that I went to see The Killers last night. I fell in love with The Killers a quite a few years ago and fell deep in love with Brandon Flowers, the lead singer. I mean, that voice! Gosh he’s dreamy.Killers 3

When I first started dating my Knight in Shining Armor he used to lecture me because I would call a concert a concert and apparently they are “shows”. Silly me. After watching The Killers perform I now understand why some are shows, not concerts. They had confetti explosions, pyrotechnics, lasers, a video screen, and two cover songs. My favorite cover song on one of their albums is Romeo and Juliet, which I was secretly hoping they’d play (and by secret I mean I told my KISA every other song I hoped they did), but knew they most likely wouldn’t  Well, they didn’t  But, the cover songs they played were even better. First, Brandon and his guitarist broke off into “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay”, which is amazing since obviously he’s singing it in San Francisco. I have that song stuck in my head at least once a week since we’ve moved out here because it’s so fitting. The second cover song was, “I Think We’re Alone Now”. My first childhood music memory was when we lived at “Martha’s” (we lived on a few farms, so you have to clarify which one…Martha was an old mean lady that rented ours to us) and I was dancing to that song and running around some pillows on the floor in our living room during the chorus (“running just as fast as we can…”). I’m sure my younger brother was dancing with me as well since I made him do pretty much everything with me. And, you can probably guess that I’d be screaming out the lyrics as I “danced”. (I put danced in quotes because if you’ve ever seen me dance, it’s really more of a “dance”. I’m told I dance to the words, not the beat. How are you supposed to interpret their lyrics if you only dance to the beat?)Killers 1

Well, my KISA is old. And by old I mean 11 months older than me. And we decided to do a “show” on a Sunday night. And stand for hours. During the show and when we got home we had to stretch each other as we moaned about how much our back and knees hurt. Which continued on into this morning. We also were groggy because we didn’t go to bed until midnight and I for one am hosting a work webinar this morning and had to be on the train before 7 am. Ugh. You can bet I didn’t shower this morning. Being an adult can be tough.

I apologize for the duplication if you follow me on Instagram, but here are some of my favorite pictures from last night.