The Postal Service – Sleeping In

Tonight my KISA and I went to show at The Greek in Berkeley. He was really excited about the group, The Postal Service. I was less familiar with them and had only heard a couple of their songs. You know you’re getting old when you get to the show and realize that it’s stadium seating and you get to sit for it! Granted, it’s on a concrete slab, but I didn’t care about that minor detail.

It was a pretty exceptional show for not being able to sing to every word of every song, like I usually do. I’m sure my KISA appreciated that as well. So, there is this girl in the band, named Jenny Lewis. For one of the first times in my life I’ve realized I have the biggest girl crush on her. She has an amazing voice, good style, is gorgeous, and can play the drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, etc. really well. And, she can play the bass with her teeth. I realize it’s a little late in life for me to aspire to be like her, but I hope my daughters (yes, plural  – my KISA understands we’re only procreating if we have daughters) turn out just like her.

I don’t think any of the YouTube videos do them justice, but here is one of their songs I enjoy:

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