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Yesterday was about as ordinary as my outfit. I know I’m an interesting gal, but I’m allowed to have those kind of days, right?

My inspiration:

Gray Sweater ModelGray Sweater, Me


Scarf: J.Crew Factory; Sweater: Gap (this season); Belt: The Limited; Jeans: Mango; Shoes: Lands End Canvas


You know your weekend was a whirlwind when you can’t really recall what you did two days ago. We were going about 100 miles an hour. Thankfully it was all fun stuff, but even fun stuff can be tiring.

On Saturday we had a house warming party for one of KISA’s high school classmates. I’ve had a straw hat/fedora since last summer that I really want to wear. They always look cute on other people, but I feel so self-conscious and never know what to wear it with. Well, my KISA knows this and encouraged me to wear it to the party since it was a cook-out and we’d be outdoors. I felt completely uncomfortable the entire time, but I got a lot of compliments on it, so I think I was the only one that was uncomfortable. I’m not inspired to incorporate it more into my outfits.


Hat: Banana Republic Factory; Cardigan: Loft; Blouse: Gap Factory; Belt: H&M (this season); Jeans: Mango; Shoes: Lands End Canvas


On Sunday our friend came up with the idea of renting a boat. I attempted to pack light and had only packed one pair of shorts for the weekend. So, I had to recycle a top from Friday and my shorts from Saturday.



My perfect Sunday: beach, sunshine, and great friends

Swimsuit: Lands End Canvas; Sweater: Gap; Tank: Old Navy; Short: Banana Republic Factory; Sandals: borrowed


Forgotten Treasures

When my KISA (Knight In Shining Armor) and I went shopping this weekend I decided it was imperative to buy this new gray sweater they had on sale at The Gap for $23. It’s super soft and is nice and roomy. We leave tonight for Orange County for the weekend, so I wanted something comfortable and soft for the plane right. I saw this pin and realized that everything in my closet goes with my mint jeans. Ok, maybe all the neutral colored tops. I didn’t have a scarf to add a little flair to it, but I remembered a necklace I’d ordered a while ago from Urban Peach Boutique, but had troubles matching it with my tops in the past since most are v-neck. Well, lucky for that necklace my new sweater was a crew neck.

Mint and Gray InspirationMint and Gray


Sweater: Gap (this season); Necklace: Urban Peach Boutique (this season); Belt: H&M; Jeans: Gap (this season); Shoes: Lands End Canvas