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I should explain that I’ve had two friends in town this week visiting from grad school. After we drank our way through Napa, my friend Sarah (love the name) joined me in San Francisco. Yesterday I decided that it was imperative for her to see this quaint little city across the bay, called Sausalito, and give our livers a break. I have some friends that live over there and have an AMAZING view of the bay that has become a personal tourist destination. Naturally, the girl’s name is Sarah. And, Sarah didn’t care if our livers needed a break because she hadn’t been in Napa. So we drank a few bottles of wine and then did some more sightseeing on the Sausalito side of the bay.

Here is my Pinterest inspiration.

a70b1c0098c0f0d3f9b1ac64f4bcaa6cphoto (6)


Jacket: Charlotte Russe (this season); Shirt: J.Crew Factory (this season); Purse: Cole Haan (this season); Jeans: Mango; Belt: Express; Shoes: Lands End Canvas

Biking in Skirts

I’ve been afraid to bike in a skirt or dress in fear of flashing my lady parts. However, I decided my skirt was long enough that it shouldn’t be an issue. Today the high where I worked was 86, and 79 here in the city, so I knew any cute sweaters or jeans would be out of the question. I haven’t focused any of my time on finding cute summer outfits on Pinterest, assuming that I wouldn’t need them. I now need to dedicate some time to that.

This morning I decided to throw this together.

Floral Skirt

Skirt: Banana Republic Factory; Top: Banana Republic Factory; Cardigan: Banana Republic Factory; Shoes: Lands End Canvas

Drinking In The Sights

Today I was fortunate to have a good friend come to town and did some sightseeing this afternoon. Granted, my outfit wasn’t exactly a show stopper, but it was comfortable and practical for what we were up to. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)



Jacket: Charlotte Russe (this season); Scarf: American Apparel; Tee: Gap; Belt: Express; Jeans: Mango; Shoes: Lands End Canvas; Purse: Mango

Summer? Ugh.

I may be OCD, but I prefer to say that I’m just really organized, and I plan my outfits in advance. Granted, some days I may not be in the mood for a particular outfit, so that’s why you plan a bunch. What I do is I look at my Pinterest inspirations and spend a Sunday afternoon going through my closet to see what I can make from them. From there I put all the pieces I’d need for an outfit on the bed and take a picture of it. Then, when I lay awake in the morning, trying to wake up, I flip through my pictures and determine what I’m in the mood for that day. It’s also helpful since I bike and often have to pack my clothes for when I get in the office. I hate forgetting a belt or a necklace, but with a picture you know all the pieces to pack. And, let’s be honest – I’m often running late for work, so it saves a ton of time.

This has been a great method so far and hasn’t failed me yet. That is until today. I spent yesterday picking out a ton of new outfits, taking pics, etc. Well, San Francisco isn’t supposed to ever get warm. I was promised that before moving here. My KISA this morning commented on how warm the week was going to be. I looked at the forecast: 70’s and 80’s for the week. In the city. What the heck? And, where I work it is upper 70’s and upper 80’s for the week. UGH. Well, all the outfits I’d meticulously picked out are for fall weather. So, I had to scramble this morning and was not a fan of doing the closet dance.

After I got to work this morning I had to spend the next half hour cooling down. Gross.

Summer Skirt


Jacket: The Limited; Tank: Express; Necklace: random store in Madrid; Skirt: Banana Republic Factory; Shoes: Lands End Canvas

White Dress

One of my favorite articles of clothing (I’m realizing that as I use the word “favorite” in many of my posts that they all seem to be my favorites) is a cute, white summer dress that I got from Banana Republic ages ago. I’ve really wanted an excuse to wear it and Pinterest found a way for me to make it less “summery”.

White Dress ModelWhite Dress Me


Cardigan: Lands End Canvas; Belt: Banana Republic Factory; Dress: Banana Republic Factory; Shoes: Lands End Canvas; Earrings: Aldo

Sunday Brunch

I wore this outfit on Sunday to go to brunch and then also for the plane ride home. I was sad to leave, but I know we’ll be back soon!

I really want to get a blazer like the one used in the picture, but I suppose a cardigan will do for now.

IMG_4844 ModelIMG_4844


Cardigan: Lands End Canvas; Tank: Old Navy; Blouse: custom made; Belt: H&M (this season); Jeans: Levis; Shoes: Lands End Canvas

Forgotten Treasures

When my KISA (Knight In Shining Armor) and I went shopping this weekend I decided it was imperative to buy this new gray sweater they had on sale at The Gap for $23. It’s super soft and is nice and roomy. We leave tonight for Orange County for the weekend, so I wanted something comfortable and soft for the plane right. I saw this pin and realized that everything in my closet goes with my mint jeans. Ok, maybe all the neutral colored tops. I didn’t have a scarf to add a little flair to it, but I remembered a necklace I’d ordered a while ago from Urban Peach Boutique, but had troubles matching it with my tops in the past since most are v-neck. Well, lucky for that necklace my new sweater was a crew neck.

Mint and Gray InspirationMint and Gray


Sweater: Gap (this season); Necklace: Urban Peach Boutique (this season); Belt: H&M; Jeans: Gap (this season); Shoes: Lands End Canvas

The Color of Love

I love my red pants. Love is an understatement. Have you ever had a pair of pants that fit you exactly right, hit right where you wanted, and most importantly, made your butt look good? That’s my red pants from Express. There’s a reason I love them.

Yesterday I decided to pair them with all white because of a pintrinspiration I’d found.

Red and White InspirationRed and White


Jacket: Express; Tee: Gap; Necklace: Forever 21; Belt: H&M (this season); Jeans: Express; Shoes: Nine West


I realize “Coastie” is not a term everyone is familiar with, but whenever I see khakis and stripes, I automatically think of one. While this wasn’t a Pinterest inspiration, it was a knight in shining armor inspiration. Last May we had two wedding in back-to-back weekends out on the east coast. Being a girl, I had no idea what I was going to pack or what I was going to pair for outfits. So, the two weeks prior I spent raiding my closet and figuring out what I could make into outfits. My knight was watching me the entire time and finally offered up an option – what about my khakis with the striped shirt. At first I thought he was crazy, then I remember that he’s from the east coast and that’s the style. So, I tried it on and paired a denim blazer with it. Since then those khakis have been less than flattering on me, but on Sunday I decided to take advantage of Gap’s $35 chino sale and bought a pair of skimmer khakis. My knight also bought a pair of khakis (although the non-skimmer type), so we’ve already decided that we need to wear them on the same day with our chambray shirts. That’s what cool couples do, right?



Jacket: The Limited; Tee: Gap Factory; Belt: Banana Republic Factory; Chinos: Gap (this season); Shoes: Lands End Canvas