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Yesterday was about as ordinary as my outfit. I know I’m an interesting gal, but I’m allowed to have those kind of days, right?

My inspiration:

Gray Sweater ModelGray Sweater, Me


Scarf: J.Crew Factory; Sweater: Gap (this season); Belt: The Limited; Jeans: Mango; Shoes: Lands End Canvas


SF View

My view from “work” today.

I worked from home yesterday and I got to spend today in the city as well as I had a training for training. (Yes, if you reread that again it does make sense.) Since I didn’t have to ride my bike I decided to wear a Pinterinspiration with my knee-high boots with some jeans. I call it my safari attire, but I’d really never wear white on a safari. It was a great idea when I left…not so much when I was walking home with a 17.6 lb backpack in 65 degree weather. But, at least I looked good.

Scarf Knotted

How I knot my scarves.

Since I’m cheap, I haven’t jumped on the infinity scarf train and instead just knot my regular scarves to make it look like I’m not cheap.

Safari InspirationWhite Shirt and Leopard


Scarf: J.Crew Factory; Sweater: J. Crew Factory; Jeans: Mango; Belt: Gap; Boots: Aldo