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Friday Happy Hour

Friday happy hour has become a somewhat regular thing for me with my KISA and his coworkers. It’s nice being able to put a face to the names and get to know they a little bit better. And, I’m not gonna lie, I love hearing them tell me how much he gushes about me.

Since I worked from home for the day I decided to do all of our laundry while the apartment washers and dryers were available. I do realize I wore these clothes earlier in the week, but they didn’t know that.

My inspiration.



Jacket: The Limited; Shirt: J.Crew (this season); Necklace: Urban Peach Boutique (this season); Belt: H&M (this season); Jeans: Levi’s; Shoes: Zara (this season)

Gingham and Red

I was more exited about this outfit as an idea than execution. Granted, it looks ok, but it didn’t feel as smooth as I would have liked. The good news is that I have a new gingham shirt coming that I can try again with.

Red Pants & Ginghamphoto (5)


Blazer: Express; Shirt: J.Crew Factory (this season); Belt: H&M (this season); Pants: Express; Shoes: Lands End Canvas

Sunday Brunch

I wore this outfit on Sunday to go to brunch and then also for the plane ride home. I was sad to leave, but I know we’ll be back soon!

I really want to get a blazer like the one used in the picture, but I suppose a cardigan will do for now.

IMG_4844 ModelIMG_4844


Cardigan: Lands End Canvas; Tank: Old Navy; Blouse: custom made; Belt: H&M (this season); Jeans: Levis; Shoes: Lands End Canvas

Forgotten Treasures

When my KISA (Knight In Shining Armor) and I went shopping this weekend I decided it was imperative to buy this new gray sweater they had on sale at The Gap for $23. It’s super soft and is nice and roomy. We leave tonight for Orange County for the weekend, so I wanted something comfortable and soft for the plane right. I saw this pin and realized that everything in my closet goes with my mint jeans. Ok, maybe all the neutral colored tops. I didn’t have a scarf to add a little flair to it, but I remembered a necklace I’d ordered a while ago from Urban Peach Boutique, but had troubles matching it with my tops in the past since most are v-neck. Well, lucky for that necklace my new sweater was a crew neck.

Mint and Gray InspirationMint and Gray


Sweater: Gap (this season); Necklace: Urban Peach Boutique (this season); Belt: H&M; Jeans: Gap (this season); Shoes: Lands End Canvas

The Color of Love

I love my red pants. Love is an understatement. Have you ever had a pair of pants that fit you exactly right, hit right where you wanted, and most importantly, made your butt look good? That’s my red pants from Express. There’s a reason I love them.

Yesterday I decided to pair them with all white because of a pintrinspiration I’d found.

Red and White InspirationRed and White


Jacket: Express; Tee: Gap; Necklace: Forever 21; Belt: H&M (this season); Jeans: Express; Shoes: Nine West