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Friday Happy Hour

Friday happy hour has become a somewhat regular thing for me with my KISA and his coworkers. It’s nice being able to put a face to the names and get to know they a little bit better. And, I’m not gonna lie, I love hearing them tell me how much he gushes about me.

Since I worked from home for the day I decided to do all of our laundry while the apartment washers and dryers were available. I do realize I wore these clothes earlier in the week, but they didn’t know that.

My inspiration.



Jacket: The Limited; Shirt: J.Crew (this season); Necklace: Urban Peach Boutique (this season); Belt: H&M (this season); Jeans: Levi’s; Shoes: Zara (this season)

They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Ok, so maybe mellow has never been a word used to explain me.


And, I was seriously that dork that was taking pictures of the Google signs and the Google bikes. Aren’t they cute??

My gracious coworker Mansi invited me to join her for lunch with her husband at his work…Google. (I’m that dorky girl that gets excited about visiting a company I’ve heard of, even though there are tons of them around Mountain View. I’m even that way when I see a building or sign for a company that I’ve heard of, which seems to happen a lot around here. I get to rub elbows with a bunch of the big, techy geniuses. Ok, I digress.)

We toured only one of the campuses at Google. They have about 15,000 employees that work at Google in Mountain View, so you can probably imagine they have a few campuses. And, each campus has a bunch of cafes where you can eat – they even take reservations. They’re pretty swanky “cafes” too (I suppose Google is a multi-billion dollar company). We went to an Indian restaurant, which was kind of cool to do with people from India to explain more about the food and drinks, as well as how to eat some of it. I liked every single thing I tried and have recently declared Indian my favorite cuisine – which will come in handy when I’ll be visiting there (no suitcase of food for this girl). The best part was the food was free. Mansi’s husband decided to treat us to a dessert bar, so we went to another “café” for that.

Oh yeah. And, this is what I wore for the day and my inspiration.

photophoto (2)

Cardigan: Gap Factory (this season); Tee: Mossimo; Belt: Banana Republic Factory; Jeans: Levi’s; Shoes: Zara (this season)


Orange Ya Glad I Wore These Again?

I’m lucky because my best friend coincidentally has the same pair of pants as me and has pinned my last two inspirations on what to wear with them. Although I’m guessing she looks waaay cuter in them because she has an inherent ability to always look good.

I love tucking, but my KISA convinced me to untuck today. I apologize for the pic – I’m not sure why it looks like I’m pushing my bust out…

Orange Pants + Stripesphoto

Tee: Banana Republic Factory; Necklace: Forever 21; Pants: Gap Factory; Shoes: Lands End Canvas

Gingham and Red

I was more exited about this outfit as an idea than execution. Granted, it looks ok, but it didn’t feel as smooth as I would have liked. The good news is that I have a new gingham shirt coming that I can try again with.

Red Pants & Ginghamphoto (5)


Blazer: Express; Shirt: J.Crew Factory (this season); Belt: H&M (this season); Pants: Express; Shoes: Lands End Canvas

Purple Blazer

During my shopping expedition in Napa, I also found this blazer. I love the color, I love blazers, and I love knit blazers. I found some inspiration and decided to pair it up with some festive stripes. I wandered into the kitchen after getting dressed and asked my KISA if I looked a little too trendy to train a Finance group. He told me that if I had to ask the question then the answer was probably yes. As I wandered back to the bedroom I realized I really didn’t care.

My inspiration:

Purple Blazerphoto (6)

Jacket: Loft Factory (this season); Tee: Zara (this season); Necklace: Urban Peach Boutique (this season); Belt: H&M (this season); Jeans: Mango; Shoes: Nine West


New Shoes!

photo (2)Ok, I am obsessed with these new shoes. On Saturday my KISA and I did some birthday shopping and I went to Zara, which is one of my all-time favorite stores, and found these. I like them because San Francisco doesn’t get very warm in the summer months (as the statement goes, the coldest winter you’ll ever have is a summer in San Francisco), but the shoes still feels very summery. They’re my happy medium. And, they’re leopard print! Granted, they absolutely KILL my feet because of wear they rub…even six Band-Aids later, but they look great, right?

This is my going to sushi with friends attire.

photo (4)


Cardigan: Zara; Scarf: H&M (this season); Tank: Banana Republic Factory; Jeans: Levi’s (this season); Belt: H&M (this season); Shoes: Zara (this season)

My Birthday Attire

I bought these gray jeans a couple weeks ago at the Napa Outlets and don’t love them as much as I’d hoped (final sale, of course). But, I found some inspiration and decided to try them out for my birthday celebration.

Gray Jeansphoto (3)

Jacket: Lands End Canvas; Tee: Gap Factory (this season); Necklace: Banana Republic Factory; Jeans: Levi’s Factory (this season); Shoes: random store in Vienna


Dirty Thirty!

I turned 30 and have lived to tell about it. I’m not exactly sure what I expected to happen, but the world didn’t end. My KISA decided to throw me a surprise birthday party. One thing to know about me is that growing up my parents had to hide my Christmas gifts because if they were in the house I would not only find them, but I would remove the tape, unwrap them to see what I got, and then wrap it back up. And this was maybe when I was eight. (I had a calling to be a PI very young in life.) For him to pull off a surprise birthday party is quite a feat. He diligently planned the party, ordered a table and chairs for the rooftop, hung Christmas lights around the railing, got a keg and food, and also some glow sticks, necklaces, and balloons.

My boss had offered for me to work from home on my birthday, so I took it, not knowing we’d be hosting a party that evening (thank goodness I’d done the laundry and put some of my things away). I was working away when around lunchtime a lady buzzed up to the apartment and had such a strong accent that I couldn’t understand what she was saying, just that she kept referencing my KISA’s name. Me, hoping maybe he’d gotten flowers delivered to the apartment, ran downstairs to figure out what she was saying and if she had a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me. Instead she had a piece of paper. I finally understood that she was trying to deliver a table and chairs for my KISA and wanted to know where to put them. Confused, I gave her his cell phone number and ran back upstairs. Of course I texted him right away, fishing to figure out what was going on. I asked if we were expecting company and at first he played dumb. He admitted that he was throwing me a birthday party on the roof and asked if I could let the lady in to set up on the roof. Of course I was giddy about the prospect of having a party, but he was really upset that they decided to deliver things five hours early and ruined the surprise.

The night was really fabulous! It got cold on the roof, so after a couple hours we took the party back down to our apartment. We had a bunch of our friends come over as well as some of his new work friends he’d invited. All in all, I have to say that I’m really impressed that he almost surprised me.

photo (2) photo