They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Ok, so maybe mellow has never been a word used to explain me.


And, I was seriously that dork that was taking pictures of the Google signs and the Google bikes. Aren’t they cute??

My gracious coworker Mansi invited me to join her for lunch with her husband at his work…Google. (I’m that dorky girl that gets excited about visiting a company I’ve heard of, even though there are tons of them around Mountain View. I’m even that way when I see a building or sign for a company that I’ve heard of, which seems to happen a lot around here. I get to rub elbows with a bunch of the big, techy geniuses. Ok, I digress.)

We toured only one of the campuses at Google. They have about 15,000 employees that work at Google in Mountain View, so you can probably imagine they have a few campuses. And, each campus has a bunch of cafes where you can eat – they even take reservations. They’re pretty swanky “cafes” too (I suppose Google is a multi-billion dollar company). We went to an Indian restaurant, which was kind of cool to do with people from India to explain more about the food and drinks, as well as how to eat some of it. I liked every single thing I tried and have recently declared Indian my favorite cuisine – which will come in handy when I’ll be visiting there (no suitcase of food for this girl). The best part was the food was free. Mansi’s husband decided to treat us to a dessert bar, so we went to another “café” for that.

Oh yeah. And, this is what I wore for the day and my inspiration.

photophoto (2)

Cardigan: Gap Factory (this season); Tee: Mossimo; Belt: Banana Republic Factory; Jeans: Levi’s; Shoes: Zara (this season)


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  1. Id probably justas excited tobe visiting all those big names, so I totally understand! Also Google pays for their employees food? Nice!

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