Never Never Land

Tuesday marks my one year anniversary of living in San Francisco. During this time I’ve fallen in love with the city and its beautiful craziness. Like anything you fall in love with, after you spend enough time with it you start to identify its flaws. During my time in San Francisco I’ve identified one glaring flaw that makes it lose it’s majesticness: it has somehow created a culture of people with “Peter Pan Syndrome” who never want to grow up.

Let’s start first with talking about the dating scene. I have a ton of amazing, single guy and girl friends that have everything a partner could be looking for: a great personality, attractive, educated, successful, confident, etc. I probably have two new people a week that I meet and am astonished to learn that they’re single. I used to spend a lot of time analyzing people and seeing if maybe I could pick up on their flaws of why they weren’t being seized up. I finally concluded that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with these people. I hypothesized that maybe the issue was that the guys just didn’t want to commit, but I’ve learned that most of my guy friends also have a desire to settle down with the right person. When this commit-phobia is combined with being a tech-central area (which makes everyone have the latest apps) means 99% of the single people I know have a Tinder app. Now, Tinder is an app for single people to meet each other and hook up to date or for more casual encounters, depending on their preference. But if you can have a hook-up that easily, it makes dating someone you sincerely want to get to know and settle down with that much more difficult.

I used to think in Wisconsin that everything revolved around drinking. In comparison to San Francisco, I may as well have lived in Utah. Binge drinking is a big thing out here. People make a decent amount of money and these same people also like to have fun. Those two things combined mean a happy hour at least one night a week, plus going out one or both nights on the weekend, and a brunch that turns into day drinking on Sunday. And every get together seems to revolve around drinking in some way, so it’s difficult to avoid that scene. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun, but after a while you start to miss your early Sunday mornings, waking up feeling great. Or having spare time to have hobbies. Or having extra money in your pocket. And you start to realize that having a child is going to be an insane lifestyle change and there’s no way to continue living in the city to make that happen with those influencers. And, I don’t think that’s changing anytime soon given seeing a kid in San Francisco is less frequent than seeing grass.

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