Athletically Insane

As I’ve mentioned, I’m doing a full marathon October 20th. If that weren’t enough, I also decided last week that I’m doing a half marathon in two weeks from Saturday. Crazy, right? Well, I forgot to mention one other race I’m doing: Tough Mudder, this Saturday. For those of you not familiar with what Tough Mudder is, it’s essentially a brutally challenging obstacle course for 10-12 miles…at altitude (it’s in Tahoe). My KISA and I like to go big or go home, so why not pick the toughest Tough Mudder they offer, right? He likes to consider it preparing for the end of the world. I’m pretty sure I’ll be eaten by the zombies, unless they walk super slowly like in the movies. Then I don’t understand how anyone is eaten unless you are asleep and couldn’t hear them coming. I digress.

So, what do I mean by obstacles? Well, diving into an ice water bath, climbing over walls, running through burning bales, carrying logs up a hill, and lots of crawling through mud. Sounds, like fun, right? At the end you are also shocked. And, not like surprised shocked, but electrical shocks. For most people, this is the part they dread the most. Not me – we used to shock each other with cow prodders growing up or would touch electric fences we didn’t know where on, so I know it sucks, but it’s not anything I haven’t endured. The part I’m dreading the most is called boa constrictor. In this event you’re in tubes going uphill that are filled with mud and water up to your chest as you crawl through, one person after another. I can sometimes be claustrophobic, so I’m pretty confident I’ll have a nervous breakdown during this part. I’ll make sure to have my emergency contact information on my necklace. And, I absolutely won’t be able to climb the walls or cross the monkey bar things. This is where my KISA comes in. He’ll be carrying and pulling me through these parts. That’s true love.Boa Constrictor

One of the predicaments I’ve realized is that I’m supposed to be doing a 10 mile run on Saturday in preparation for the half marathon. And, doing 10-12 miles of obstacles is definitely challenging, but not exactly the same thing. So, that gives me no choice but to do both. Only on different days (I’m not THAT insane). Tomorrow before work I’ll be completing my 10 mile run. Then excessively icing my knees, and doing Tough Mudder on Saturday. FML.

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  1. I think you are both crazy!!! Why don t you try out for wipeout. Your father and I enjoy watching that show!!!

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