Bike Thieves

I watched my KISA fight off a bike thief tonight. I should have seen it coming with the way my day was going. See, I woke up this morning and forgot to put my work laptop in my backpack. I biked the two miles to the train station before realizing it, cursing, and heading back up the hill to the house to get it, and the running late for work.

On the train I was using my laptop and also responding to a couple of text messages on my phone. Apparently when I got off the train I decided that an iPhone was disposable and left it on the train. Thankfully Apple has a lost phone locator app and with the help of my KISA we were able to remotely set the phone alarm, which alerted someone who gave the phone to the conductor. There was a message on the phone that the conductor read with my KISA’s phone number. The conductor called my KISA and the conductor took it to the lost and found in San Francisco. I picked it up tonight when I got off work.

After I picked up my phone I headed to meet my KISA for happy hour with his coworkers. After a couple of drinks we went to the mall to look at some sunglasses for my KISA. Since I still had my bike (which is technically my KISA’s) we locked it up out front. He was leery about leaving it out there, but with all the foot traffic we figured it’d be fine. We were wrong. We walked out of the mall and found the cable cut and the bike gone. My KISA was angry to say the least. I was oddly calm, knowing we’d get it back. We live near one of the sketchiest areas of San Francisco, so we were bound to find it.

My KISA was so angry about the situation he went storming off. I started doing my detective work and was walking down Market St., towards the sketchier parts. He called my phone, wanting to find me. I told him where I was, but explained that I was on a mission to find the bike and that I’d meet him at home. As I turned the corner to head up our street (still about a half a mile away), my KISA came running up behind me. He wanted to know what my plan would be if I were to have found my bike. I told him I’d confront the robber, kick, scream, etc. (Maybe not the most thought out plan, but it was the principle behind it.) He said even he wouldn’t do that because odds are that guy would have cable cutters and would knock me over in one strike. As those words were escaping his mouth I see him looking at a man crossing the street with a bike and my KISA started running and yelling at him. Realizing what was going on and that it was our bike, I sprinted behind him. He went to the left of the guy and the bike, so I ran up on the right, making sure the guy wouldn’t be able to leave. I think the guy was so startled by what was going on that he literally gave the bike to my KISA. We walked away with his bike, turned the corner, and then laughed hysterically at what just went down.

With the way my day has gone I will not be leaving the house tonight.

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  1. Just to be clear : I dont like the fact your bike was stolen, I like the fact you were able to get it back, that your KISA did a great job to retrieve it, as did you, and that you were able to have a laugh about the whole thing 😉

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