Indian Kaleidoscope


Green sweater, yellow top, burgundy pants, green shoes: Mansi’s fashion sense.

This is my work friend, Mansi. Mansi’s from India and inherently knows how to dress herself in the most colorful of outfits. Me, not so much; I’ve mastered the art of neutrals. I think it’s time to step it up a bit. Granted, I don’t care to look like a kaleidoscope, but my challenge to myself is to wear color on color. I think I may start with a scarf that’s a different color than my pants or shirt. Whoa…! I know.

I hope to get more inspiration when I got to India this fall. “What?!” you say. Yep, that’s right. Mansi and her husband have a 3 day, Hindu family wedding that they’re returning to India for and have invited my Knight In Shining Armor and I to attend. It took way more begging of my KISA than I’d anticipated, but I somehow convinced him of why this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and he should just give in. I suppose this means we won’t be going on a safari this summer like I wanted, but I guess I have the leopard print down already.

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  1. Ugh…convincing?! If he cannot be persuaded, I am a GREAT date: I open doors, am well humored and not to mention a baller dancer!

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