Emergency Trip Home

I almost scheduled an emergency trip home today. And by emergency, I don’t mean that anything bad happened to anyone back home. And by scheduled, I really just mean I looked at prices. I had a really bad day today, but a day that is so great it somehow makes it bad. Wow, I’m really talking in circles.

Today most of my department was gone from work, which meant I had a lot of time on my hands. Too much. I spent the day emailing friends, family, and old coworkers, instant messaging friends and my cousin, talking to my mom, and texting my brother and sister-in-law. Sounds like a terrible day, huh? It was terrible in the sense that you sometimes don’t appreciate things like you should until you no longer have them. And by them, I mean pretty much everyone that has been in my life in some form in the past, especially my family.

My Family

Mi Familia

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still enamored by the city and utterly infatuated with my knight in shining armor, but I just miss everyone else that’s not him. I’ve made one girlfriend since coming to the city, and of course she’s been in NYC for the past two weeks. I made a friend at work, but she lives down in the valley.

The reality of two things really set in today: how much I love and miss my friends and family and how alone I really am here. The good news is that I date this pretty incredible guy that didn’t panic when I started crying about it today. Ok, yes he did panic – he hates to see me cry. Before he even knew why, he just hugged me and told me to let it all out, like any really amazing guy would. Once he knew why I was so sad he announced that we would be going back for Memorial Day, regardless of the cost in airfare (really, what kind of sick jerks increase the prices $150 over Memorial Day weekend when we have only a few days of a vacation and I haven’t seen my friends and family in 4+ months?). So, I guess it’s settled then. I can’t wait to hug and kiss every one of my little nieces and nephews and make sure that we’re still their favorite aunt and uncle before the weekend is over. We need to buy them some gifts to make certain of it; I’m not above buying their love and affection.

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