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One would think growing up on a dairy farm would mean that you’d have huge gardens and eat oodles of vegetables. Nope! My mother didn’t like vegetables, so therefore she didn’t make us eat vegetables. Well, except potatoes and corn. She’s a noble woman. The unfortunate part in all of this is the reality that you’re in your late 20’s and still don’t eat vegetables. I made it my New Year’s resolution in 2008 to try even vegetable in the store twice. I found I liked onions. That counts as a vegetable, right?

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This is my knight in shining armor. I like to make him feel needed by getting really high pans and bowls down for me. He needs to use those big muscles for something important, right?

In 2011 I met my knight in shining armor and he was from a big city. And, his mother made him eat vegetables and now as an adult likes vegetables and eating healthy. (I honestly never thought people actually liked them – I just assumed they forced themselves to eat them because they were healthy.) But, the good news was he also liked to cook and is an amazing cook. Even the smell of him cooking garlic in olive oil makes me salivate. So, he made it his personal quest to get me eating AND liking vegetables. Apparently all you have to do treat me like a three year old and douse something in cheese or a starch and I’ll eat it. Slowly but surely, he got me eating vegetables. I may have found a few green things I actually like as well.

He has now regrettably asked me to start picking up the slack and cooking as well. (I hate him.) Give me a dessert recipe with detailed step-by-step instructions with a delicious batter I can lick and I’m the master of the kitchen. Make me figure out how long I need to boil a vegetable for and I’m worthless.

I’ve now taken to Pinterest as my holy bible of recipes to conquer this art of cooking. In this blog you’ll find stories about my trials and tribulations in trying to learn how to cook healthy, and sometimes maybe not so healthy, recipes.

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