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I’ve always said that I thought I was destined to work for a non-profit one day. I knew it would have to be something I was passionate about in knowing I’d be trading a comfortable lifestyle for helping out the greater good. I think my business expertise combined with my passion would make me unstoppable.

On a another subject, most ladies that are in their late twenties and early thirties have biological clocks that are ticking. Men and young women often think this is just an expression, but as an educated woman in my early thirties I know the statistics by heart at what age I need to have kids before my chances for miscarriages and defects reach concerned heights. I hate the undue pressure it puts on us as we want nothing more than to be a mother but it puts us at risk of settling for someone less than we deserve or having kids before we’re really ready.

So, what happens if that prince that all the Disney movies promised doesn’t swoop in to sweep us off our feet? What happens if fate is busy and not giving women what they want? What happens if it’s just not the right time? How do you buy more time on an aging biological clock? I love the quote by Winston Churchill – “I like things to happen. And if they don’t happen, I like to make them happen.” I want to help the people that think like I do and want to make something happen.

Tonight I researched the cost to do egg preservation, not necessarily for myself, but just out of curiosity. Here in San Francisco it’s about $10,000 + $500/year for storage. I also researched the cost for adoption, which is averages $30,000 domestically or $44,000 internationally; three to four times the cost. That’s a considerable amount of money to save up just to have a family because you’re not ready when your biology thinks you should be.

Given the very basic research I’ve done, I want to brainstorm ways to form a non-profit to help women raise money to buy more time. I realize there’s a lot more research that would need to be done on this topic and it’s merely an idea right now, but I want to explore it. I’ll post more on this as I continue to think it through.

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  1. Loved this post (obviously because you took the words out of my mouth)! In addition, adoption for single parents is much more difficult that a 2 parent household! Seems IVF, despite the expense, is the way to go

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