The 4th of July, a little over a month after meeting my KISA, we were leaving my friend Paula’s house from a get-together.  As we were walking out I asked my KISA what time it was. Without missing a beat he responded, “Time’s all relative with us, Babe,” and pulled me into him for a kiss. Unbeknownst to us, our friends Jaime and Brooks were walking behind us and overheard his response. Jaime still gushes about what he said to me.Time

Two months after that we not only moved in together, but also bought a house. Most people would argue that it was too soon for us to have taken such a big step because not enough time had gone by, but I’ve never understood time in the same sense everyone else does. For me time isn’t made up of minutes, hours, days, Earth rotations around the sun, etc. Instead, time for me is made up of experiences. My KISA was only half right in what he said. Time is relative with us, but I would argue that it is for everyone.

For example, have you ever gone on a trip over a number of days and felt like you were gone for an eternity, only because of the amount of things that you did, saw, and experienced? Yet, when you returned, many people hadn’t noticed you’d even left and life was pretty much exactly the same as you left it? People still had their same routines, talked about the same things, and really seemed to be at the exact same point in their lives as when you left?

What about when you spend all day or all week lounging around reading a novel? You get lost in the story and begin to feel like it was your life or someone you knew closely that just went through all those things? It feels like months have gone by, when in reality it’s only been hours or days?

I would argue routine is the biggest way to lose time. When you’re in the same routine months and years can fly by without noticing. You might live to be 100, but will you have 100 years of experiences? How are you spending your time?

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“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air…” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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