2014 Resolutions

At the end of every year I think about all the things I want to do to better myself in the next. In doing so I create New Years resolutions that are more of goals in a sense. Some years it was random things to make my life more interesting, like learning how to surf and snowboard. Other years it’s been more nutritiously focused, like trying every vegetable in the grocery store prepared two different ways. Another year it was being comfortable being alone by going to the movies alone and taking my first solo vacation.  You get the idea.

This year I decided that I needed to dedicate every day of the year to my resolutions. I have a couple basic resolutions or goals, such as wanting to take guitar lessons and reading at least one book per month. I have a few private/personal goals I’m going to work towards. The other things I want to do to better myself require more discipline and practice…in fact 30 days worth. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, so I’m giving myself 30 days, 12 times a year for 12 goals. Some of these goals are focused around practicing my writing skills or photography skills. Some are to give to others, and yet others are self-serving.

For January I will be focusing on practicing my writing skills by writing one blog posting a day. Granted, they may be rather random as I don’t feel anyone would want me to write about my current life every day as it can be rather uninteresting. But instead it will be a smattering of topics. I may even try to write a short story at the end of the month. We’ll see where it takes me. Enjoy!

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“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air…” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. Yess!! New blogpost EVERYDAY?! That promises at LEAST 10 minutes of work slacking per day. One of my goals this year is also to learn to play the guitar…I say we start a band!

  2. A new blogpost EVERYDAY?! That guarantees me at LEAST 10 minutes of work slacking! One of my resolutions this year was also to start playing the guitar! Let’s quit our jobs and start a band…

  3. Hon, I think all those resolutions are amazing. However, if I may, I would suggest instead of writing a blog post only for the sake of doing so, you could have a goal of one page a day of that novel you’re planning to write. Or a combo of the two, depending of your inspiration that day. Sure, your avid readers (of who I am one) won’t be pleased on those post-less days, but I think it will serve your goal well, at the same time as helping that other project grow.

    • FarmGirlHipster

      Well, not to ruin the surprise, but that’s another one of my 30 day goals for a different month. Right now I just need to get into the habit of writing again before focusing on that.

      • SURPRISE RUINED! Just kidding. Good to know then – Am super excited to know you’ll be writing that wonderful book soon – will you be using the book cover I made for you?

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