My Superhero Powers

I decided it was necessary to dress up as a superhero for Halloween because I have superhero powers. Ok, so it was because my KISA said he wanted to be Batman and, being a girl, I wanted to have a complementary costume – Robin (or Robyn as I say since it’s a girl). But, I still have superhero powers:

  1. I faint at the sight of blood. And by faint, I don’t mean I get queasy – I literally fall to the ground if I’m not already trying to get down there, knowing I’m woozy and don’t want to crack my head. Now, you’re probably thinking, “That isn’t really a super power”. Oh, but it is. If we’re ever attacked by bad guys and we all have to go to war, I’m the most likely to live. I faint because my blood pressure drops abruptly. This will make me appear dead to the bad guys (along with my pulse being faint) and, if I really am hurt, the low blood pressure it will help my wounds by avoiding bleeding to death. It is pretty superhuman.
  2. I can tell when I’m about to get a cold before I show any symptoms. A couple years ago I had a pretty terrible experience of having vertigo for two weeks. Well, everyone knows that with superheroes they have something that affects their health and then gives them super powers, like Spiderman, The Flash, etc. (Ok, so that’s not always the case, but it is one of the scenarios.) Well, ever since my vertigo my ears have been super sensitive. Now, when I ride in a car and try to read, or do anything besides hang my head out the window, and start to feel nauseous, I know I’m about to get a cold within in the next 48 hours. The next morning I’ll have a sore throat or be stuffy, and then it starts. Now, this is a super power because if ever the bad guys put an airborne sickness out there, I’ll be the first to know and can therefore work to reverse it.
  3. I have the ability to look like someone else by just pulling my hair back. Yes, this one surprised me as well. You know those sock buns that are cool? Well, I think they’re cool and I wear my hair in them sometimes. Every single time I wear my hair in a bun to work I have at least one person whom I already know introduce themselves to me. Seriously. It happened again today. This will be helpful when I need to change my identity when I need to escape the bad guys.

At the end of this Halloween evening, I’m going to share with you all a comic I created…featuring me. Ok, it’s not meant to be good…maybe just more amusing. Enjoy! Oh, and Happy Halloween!!

Robyn & Mansi

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