Halloween Costume, Part I

My KISA and I have a work Halloween party for him on the 30th. On the 31st everyone in my company dresses up…typically as a team/group costume. And then on the 2nd we have a friend throwing a Halloween party. The last time I dressed up for Halloween was 2008, so I decided it was probably time I get back into the spirit. 

I mentioned in my last post that I bought some material for a costume. That’s always the easy part. I’ve spent a couple of nights this week working on it and have so far finished a collared cape and a belt! Any guesses yet what I am?Cape Front

Since a collared cape isn’t very common, I wasn’t exactly sure how to make it. So, I found instructions on how to make a collar. I cut out the collar portion of it and sewed that to step 6. As I sewed the collar stand I made sure to sew some thin black elastic in a loop on one end. I then sewed a button on the other side to have something to fasten it to as I didn’t want it to be too tight. 

I took the rest of the material and sewed a gathering thread at the top (essentially a really long stitch that makes it easy to gather the material). I gathered it enough to make the top of the cape the same size as the collar stand and then sewed them together.

For the belt, I bought a cheap, plastic buckle from the fabric store. I also bought black ribbon that was the same width as the middle of the buckle. The sewed one side of the ribbon to loop it through the buckle. The other end of the ribbon I just sewed back a little seam.Cape Detail

When I tried it on I realized the extra ribbon at the end of the belt had no where to go…I needed a belt loop. I then took an extra piece of ribbon sewed two of the sides together length-wise with the right sides facing each other. I flipped it right side out, pressed it, and then sewed it into a loop to put on the belt. 

Now for the next few pieces…

Cape Back

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