Packer Backer

Yesterday my KISA and I went to the 49ers vs. Packers game. The Packers played a great game, but not great enough to pull out a win. It was rather disappointing because usually when I will something to happen enough it actually happens. Not this time. I have to say that overall 49ers fans were very amicable and only teased good-naturedly. Well, except a girl that screamed in my face, “Packers suck!” after the game. My KISA was proud of me for resisting my urge to trip her.

As for my attire, I opted to go with Packers green and gold. Even my shoes were yellow. The Packers fan behind us commended me on my outfit. Apparently the obnoxiousness of it wasn’t enough to distract the 49ers.

Packers Tee, Yellow Shorts, Yellow Flats


Shirt: Old Navy; Shorts: J. Crew Factory (this season); Shoes: Old Navy

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