Lazy vs. Resourceful

My KISA and I dread having to be responsible on the weekends. There’s nothing worse than having housework to do when someone invites you to do something fun. We have two major chores we do each weekend: laundry in our shared pay-for-use washer and dryer downstairs and grocery shopping.

Since most people in our building agree that it’s more convenient to do laundry on the weekends we’re often competing to use them. And, if you take too long to take your things out after you’re done, our neighbors don’t think anything of putting your load of laundry on top of the washer or dryer. Sweet neighbors, huh? This limits our flexibility to leave and not worry about the laundry in knowing it’ll be covered in dust and some of your items may fall onto the floor. You can easily be home for an entire day just waiting on the washer and dryer – both for availability and for your stuff to be (3)

We learned laundering services aren’t the easiest to come by in the city, but my KISA had the brilliant idea to ask our neighborhood dry cleaning company. We were delighted when they said they do wash and fold for $1/pound. The first load I took in according to my precise calculations (standing on a scale and then standing on a scale with the dirty clothes and subtracting the difference) was 17 lbs. Per the dry cleaner it was 16 lbs. Later that day I went back and picked up our cleaned clothes that were folded in a neat stack, paid the $16, and realized the cost was basically a wash (no pun intended) if we’d done it ourselves. I loved the idea and the time it would save us. Unfortunately my KISA caught one important detail I overlooked – the overwhelming smell of our clothes. Apparently if you’re charging only $1/pound you don’t use the finest quality detergents. Back to the drawing board.

Our grocery shopping each weekend has become much easier now that we have the car to pick up the groceries, rather than carrying them home (and apparently we eat a lot). We use the Grocery iQ app on our phones so that we have a combined grocery list either of us can add to throughout the week. And, if we split up while shopping in the store you can see what the other person checked off the list. It’s pretty great. But, I still hate taking the time to grocery shop, finding the products, and waiting in line for the deli guy or at the check-out counters. Imagine my excitement today when I learned that Wal-Mart was doing a promotion for our company where we can have groceries or goods delivered for free to our homes for 6 months. 6 months! 6 months of not having to go grocery shopping. 6 months of not spending time searching for stuff. Now if we can get this laundry thing situated we can do more productive things on the weekends rather than laying around on the couch. Wait. I kind of like laying around on the couch.

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