Since I’m not shopping or thinking about shopping, I’m obviously not obsessing over it or checking any websites for new brands. Well, except one. I recently learned of a clothing line called Everlane. The thing that caught my attention is that they don’t follow the traditional designer business model. In fact, they despise it and have therefore come up with their own. They don’t believe products should be marked up 8x their cost so they create really high quality of products in factories they handpick and have close relationship with. In addition to that, they only do business online and you buy directly from them. They have limited products and colors, but instead you get very inexpensive, high quality products. I dig it.

In case you’re already getting restless, wondering what to get me for Christmas, I’ve picked out my three favorite items to make your life easier. You’re welcome.

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Belt – $40; Tee – $15; Silk Blouse – $80

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