Droppin’ Shoppin’

About a month ago my KISA and I went on a strict budget to save money for this wedding we seem to think we want to have next year. Part of that was cutting down on my shopping. Ok, basically completely. Thankfully I’ve been too busy for it to really set in. photo (10)

In preparation for my life coming to an end I decided to do a few things to ease the pain:

  1. I unsubscribed from all clothing email listings. Sounds harsh, but I really like a good deal, especially when it’s something really cute. And 20% off.
  2. I searched my more popular clothing pieces on Pinterest and organized all my Pinterest boards into categories for outfits.
  3. I matched up outfits based on my Pinterest inspiration and took pictures of each outfit with accessories. This makes my morning a breeze so that I can now scroll through my pictures.

With all this inspiration I shouldn’t have a desire to shop again. So, things should be ok. Right?

About Farmgirl Hipster

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air…” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. As someone who hates shopping and literally do it twice a year and never more, I’m happy to step in as your sober coach when I’ll be in SF and make sure you quit the habit cold turkey and never look back. 🙂

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