TBT #1

Hello everyone! If you’re sad this week still isn’t over and that it’s only Thursday, not Friday, I thought I’d send a throw-back your way (hence the TBT – Throw Back Thursday acronym in case you didn’t catch it). Back in the day before my KISA I used to blog on Facebook. Here’s the first in my series.


October 4, 2010 – 7:57 am

Some of my friends have the ‘luxury’ of reading my very random highlights for the week, and I thought I’d share them with everyone since I now have only 100 Facebook friends. And, since it’s Monday you may not be mentally prepared to start the work week yet. Therefore, you’re welcome. 😉

I got my haircut really short and dyed it red. Ok, maybe not. After I broke up with Nick I bleached my hair blonde. When I broke up with Tim I ‘Brittany Spear’ed my hair to a chin length. On Saturday I had a hair appointment and decided to go with a trim and deep condition. How boring, huh? I’m not sure why I like to do something drastic with my looks after a break-up, but this time I decided to forgo the drama and leave my hair long. Or at least until my next hair appointment.

I don’t have a lot of passion to watch cow shows all day. Or all week for that matter, like some people. On Friday afternoon I lost my motivation to work and opted to instead spend the afternoon at the World Dairy Expo that was in town. Thankfully there were lots of people there I knew (from work) and lots of free booze. For the record, I did watch a few of the shows while chatting with people. It’s just hard for me to pay attention for long periods of time to anything…except maybe shopping.

I bought l-o-n-g jeans on Wednesday night. You’re probably  thinking, ‘not a big deal’, but it is. First of all, I’m proud of the fact that I can wear my regular size again. I gain weight during the summer months (who doesn’t love picnic foods and sitting in air conditioning when it’s hot instead of working out?) and my break-up diet has helped it dissolve back off of me, better than a tapeworm. More importantly, I got them because I spent the last few years dating someone the same height as me and felt ballet flats were more appropriate than heels (I wasn’t digging the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise thing). Now that my ballet flats are out and my heels are back in I need longer jeans. Oh, how I’ve missed heels!

I deleted Brett’s phone numbers from my phone: work, cell, and home. I’ve decided that it’s in his and my best interest that I not call him…or send messages when I’m inebriated (no, that has not happened…yet). And really, what would I call him to chat about? Yes, we will remain ‘friends’ since we’re in the same social circle, but I don’t plan to call him just because I’m bored. However, he apparently hasn’t gotten the message because he’s texted me a couple of times…like to ask why I stole the old TV from the basement in Sun Prairie. For the record, I’m not a klepto, I just figured that since our old house was empty and it was down there all alone it needed to be taken care of. How was I to know that he’d sold it to the creepy realtor the day before? And, don’t worry – I returned it. Now I need to go buy a TV. And by the way, creepy realtor, quit looking through our stuff to offer us money for our things.

I want a convertible. I’ve decided that everyone needs to own one during their lifetime, so why not now? I’ve wanted one for a bit, but decided that I should be responsible and not have one in case I had a family in a few years. Since that time frame has been dramatically extended for me I think maybe it’s time. However, I don’t want a car payment. Hmm…I may need to rethink that one.

I’m writing my goals for 2011! Since I didn’t make any goals in 2010 (finding out on New Year’s Eve that I might be moving to Fargo threw me for a loop and I became distracted) I’ve decided that I’ll start on my goals for this fall and next year. So far I have one. That’s it. I’m not sure where my mojo went. But, I’ll still share my one goal – it’s to do a marathon. I’ve done four half marathons and swore while doing each that I’d be crazy to do a full, but it’s been about eight months since I last did a half and I’ve forgotten what that pain feels like.

I’m trying to resist the urge to do online dating. I have no idea why I’m so attracted to it, especially after the ‘crazy’ I attracted last time. Maybe I’m just cheap and want to go on 10 dates in 10 days where I don’t have to pay for the meals. Or maybe I like having something interesting going on in my life to share with everyone. Or maybe it’s to reassure myself (and my mother) that there are normal, nice gentlemen out there. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I’m fighting it. And, I kind of like not having any stalkers in my life right now.

I have magenta bath towels. I can’t tell you how excited I am about that!! I’m embracing the girly side of living in an apartment where only a single female lives. However, out of respect for my older brother, who may come to visit from time to time, I did buy two brown ones as well. They’ll be saved for his visits. Otherwise, there won’t be any boys showering at my home. Unless maybe they have a chiseled body. And they keep the door open. And they have run out of water at their home and have no where else to go. Otherwise, only my brother will be using the brown towels. Maybe I’ll wait to get his initials embroidered on them just in case…

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