My All Stars

photo (3)I’d like for everyone to welcome the latest addition to my wardrobe: Converse All Stars! These Caucasian shoes came into my world yesterday around 6:00 pm PDT and I couldn’t be more excited!!

My friend Jeni once told me that when she buys anything new she has to immediately wear it to welcome it into her closet and to get it started right away on a rotation. I think she has a point, as I stare at things in my closet months later that still have the tags on it because I didn’t incorporate it in right away. Well, not these shoes.

photo (5)


Scarf: Gap; Tee: Hanes; Belt: H&M (this season); Jeans: Levi’s (this season); Shoes: Converse (this season)

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  1. Yess!! They have to make friends w/ the other items in the closet!! I have white chucks w/o laces and brown and LOVE them!! Great buy chica!

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