So, ya know all this business about me doing a full marathon? Yeah, well it’s still happening. I’ve been running consistently the last few weeks and have found my runs keep getting easier instead of harder. And, my time has increased substantially. Who knew, right? Well, I got it in my head that I should probably do a half marathon midway through my training, like it suggests in almost every training plan. The week I should actually be doing it is when we’ll be out in Maine for a wedding. The weekend after that we have Outside Lands, which is a big music festival in the city we paid a bunch of money to attend. The following week there aren’t any races in the area. And, anytime after that is too late in the training, so it kind of defeats the point. After doing some research yesterday I realized my only choice was to do a half marathon on July 27th. Per my training plan I would have only been doing a nine or ten mile run that week, so I had to shuffle and lengthen my runs to make it work.

Last week I did a 6 mile long run, which meant that this week I was normally supposed to do 7 miles. Due to my hair-brain idea that now meant this week would be an 8 mile run. My KISA volunteered to run it with me, which I thought was really sweet considering he doesn’t really run consistently, although they do running for his boot-camp workout classes. I prepped him, warning that I had to get the 8 miles in and that if he had to walk or anything I’d have to go on ahead of him. He obliged and we set off for our run. I felt good for the entire run…as did he. When we hit mile 7 he picked up the pace and was a block ahead of me the entire way home. Apparently I’d been slowing him down this entire time. When we finished what was supposed to be a difficult run, he’d done his last mile in 7:30. It made my 9:30 that I’d normally be proud of at the end of a long run seem slow. What an overachiever. And, he didn’t even take his shirt off the entire time so that I at least had some eye candy while I ran.

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