J. Crew Factory

I’m not sure if I have a shopping problem or if I’m just obsessed with J. Crew Factory. Probably both. If it weren’t bad enough to have J. Crew Factory stores at both the outlet malls near us, they also have to have an online store. Then, to make matter worse they offered 50% off for 4th of July. And, this past weekend an additional 10% off that. WTF? I need new clothes like I need a broken leg. (Although a broken leg would get me out of this marathon training.) This weekend I bought two new pairs of shorts (since it gets warm in the city, even though I was promised that it doesn’t), a leather iPhone case (the print is starting to rub off mine), a printed ruffle top (because again, it gets warm here), and an embossed ostrich belt (my belts are too big and I had to make new holes in them, which warrants a new belt and ostrich sounds interesting). Since I can justify every purchase that means they are things I need, right?

I got this shirt from my most recent J. Crew Factory store experience. It’s cute, right? And, at only $17 it’s a bargain. I would have felt bad not buying it.



Shirt: J. Crew Factory (this season); Pants: Gap Factory (this season); Shoes: Lands End Canvas

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