Our Legacy

I know I’ve told you before that I was going to India for a work friend’s cousin’s wedding. Then my KISA decided to propose and ruin everything. He’s terrible, isn’t he? Well, he didn’t really ruin anything, but when you’re saving up an insane amount of money for a wedding India isn’t exactly on the forefront. For him, anyhow. Well, the good news is that I like to get what I want. And, I’m good at it. And, my KISA likes to get what he wants. So, why not compromise?

So, you might be wondering what the one thing is he wanted more than anything in life…besides me as his wife. A car. And, not just any car – a Subaru with AWD to take to the mountains in the winter. We’ve been without a car since the end of January and I’ve personally loved it. Yes, we’ll rent a car here and there when needed, but he takes the bus to work and I bike and take the train. In my mind a $500 car payment isn’t worth it. But, I love my KISA and I love to make him happy. Especially when it means there’s a compromise that will also make me happy. Legacy

As most of you know I work in sales training and I know a thing or two about sales. And how to work the system. I’d seen online that they had lease special for a very basic Legacy, with manual drive. Not exactly what I had in mind, but it was a starting point. And, at $185 with $2K down it was also in my price range. I told my KISA we could walk out of there with a Legacy if we could get it for $200/month. He didn’t believe it was possible, but he was hopeful, so he followed my lead.

See, my KISA likes to play good cop, bad cop when we are haggling for something, but always makes me be the bad cop for some reason. In this instance it was about to work in our favor. He was the good cop because he really wanted the car and I was the bad cop because I kept reiterating that we didn’t need one. I wouldn’t budge on the price and my KISA knew better than to say anything. Alex, the car salesman, was out to make a deal. It was the end of June, the end of the quarter, and it was the end of the night. Plus, they had 2014 cars on the lot with a bunch of out-dated 2013’s left. If you’re staying late you want to make sure you have a deal. We negotiated hard on the price and made him keep going back to his boss because I put my foot down. I’d prepped my KISA ahead of time, warning him that we needed to plan to walk away if we couldn’t get it for our agreed upon price. By the time we even test drove the car we’d upgraded to the Premium package, automatic transmission, and only $1500 down (instead of $2000) for $212/month for 36 months and 12,000 miles per year. So, he now has a car and I now have a trip to India that I’m planning to book soon. Whoop, whoop!

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