Completer Piece

I’d read a long time ago that every outfit should have a completer piece – like a belt, necklace, etc. Since I like to take things literally I try to find a completer piece for every outfit. However, sometimes it just doesn’t work very well.

Last week was hot both in SF and in the valley, so I decided I needed to wear a dress for when we went car shopping since it meant I wouldn’t be biking. I have this adorable sundress I pulled out of my piles of clothes from under the bed and decided to wear it. I immediately thought that my completer piece should be a belt, but it doesn’t really work with the outfit. Nor did long necklaces. So, I decided to go without. I think I like it naked.

photo (2)

My look with a belt


My look without a belt

Dress: Lauren Conrad, Kohl’s; Cardigan: Banana Republic Factory; Shoes: Lands End Canvas


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  1. …. Like a fascinator, you mean? 😀

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