Spring Cleaning

You know how I’ve mentioned in my last few blogs about how busy I’ve been? Well, I’ve been really busy. So, one would think I’d spend this week chillaxing and catching up on TV or my blog or maybe do some wedding planning. Nope. Since I rented the rental car for a week I decided it was necessary we take advantage of that and the remaining few days of spring and take a bunch of stuff to Goodwill. In order to take a bunch of stuff to Goodwill, that would require me to clean out my closets. And, that’s what I did. First, on Tuesday, I decided it was necessary to stop at Home Depot to buy an outdoor storage unit for our patio so that we could take a bunch of stuff out of our spare bedroom closet. Then I removed everything from my closet and proceeded to color coordinate it all.

Now, I’m going to go off on a little side tangent for a minute, so bear with me. I have a lot of clothes, yes. But, there’s still a ton I don’t wear. Well, I read this really interesting blog article that was talking about how you should have only 40 articles of clothing in your closet. As if. Ok, that’s not the part I wanted to point out to you. In this related article, she talked about how it makes so much more sense to organize your closet by color, not by season. For example, my closet had been organized by tanks (by color, lightest to darkest), then short sleeved tees, long sleeved tees, cardigans, blazers, dresses. It made sense and I never thought to question it. Until I read this astonishing article. Why hadn’t I thought of that?photo (5)

As I cleaned out my closet I also put all my clothes on the bed in piles my color. And, I have to say, since I’m on a quest to wear more color on color instead of neutral on neutral, it’s so simple now! I love it!! I love it so much I also took a picture to share with you.

I ended up dropping off three totes of stuff to Goodwill as well as two of my KISA’s computers (we each still have one, so it’s not like we’ll be missing them). The only downfall to pulling everything out is putting it all back away. I’m sure I’ll get to it…in the coming weeks.

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  1. Can you give us the link to the article please? X

  2. Working perfectly, thanks! And thanks for updating your blog 😛

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