15 Groomsmen

On Sunday, since we hadn’t had enough of the social aspect, we went back into DC and met up with a couple of my KISA’s friends that live in Maryland and were married last summer (which he was a groomsman for). I was reminded of why my KISA wants 15ish groomsmen in our wedding. I don’t know the actual number, but I don’t really think that’s an exaggeration. See, his parents moved out to the Boston suburbs when he was 6 and he didn’t have any other family out there. He quickly made friends with a group of guys that have been the best of friends ever since. And, there are a lot of them. It’s not like normal high school friends where you see each other once in a while – they go on mancations together, have iPhone group chats all the time, and my KISA even told them all he was going to propose to me the morning before. And, they’ve all been in each other’s weddings.

There is something about hanging out with these guys that makes my KISA’s eyes light up like I’ve never seen before. Granted, he has a ton of friends, but not like these guys. It’s almost like he’s whole again. And, that’s precisely how our Sunday went. We had a ton of fun laughing and telling stories. That evening my cousin and her husband flew back into DC (where they live) right before we flew out, so they came to meet us all and have some drinks and appetizers. It was a pretty awesome ending to a pretty great weekend.


My KISA and his friend Tommy in DC #teamUSA

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