On May 31, 2011 I met my Knight in Shining Armor through online dating. It was love at first site…when I read his profile on I wanted to be with a man that was interesting, cosmopolitan, funny, worldly traveled, and not to mention tall dark and handsome. He fit the bill and I hadn’t even met him yet. I still remember his tagline at the top of his profile: “Is this thing on?” I laughed when I read it and found him to be very clever. He had pictures of himself snowboarding and dancing and mentioned in his profile that he’d lived in Peru and Italy and was new to the city. My knees buckled as I imagined our life together and our adorable, not-yet conceived (3)

He was the first person to contact me, through the Daily 5. The Daily 5 sent him a list of the top 5 girls that matched his interests. (I’m still convinced he just stalked the website for new women to prey upon, although he denies this.) My profile must have made a bit of an impression on him because he clicked on the link saying he was interested, which sent me an email…my first one, mind you, saying he was interested.

Since I was already in love with him, I immediately sent him an email in my normal style – lengthy, chatting, and informative. After a series of emails, instant messages, and texts, I could tell I was going to like him and his wit. However, when we went on our first date…it was less than perfect.

To be continued…

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“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air…” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. Oh Wow, what a story. I’ve never tried online dating as I always felt it lacked romantism and you can pass on lovely people if you don’t know what could be good for you… but it seems lots of lasting couple I know have met that way… Hum. Interesting.
    Can’t wait to read about your first date!

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