Monday was a big day for me, health-wise. I have a friend in Boulder that is a personal trainer and nutritionist. She reached out to me to see if I’d be willing to join her 25 day challenge for June.

The 25 day challenge consists of having Shakeology replacement for one of my meals, and then doing a circuit training workout. For some reason she thought Insanity would fit me well. Also on this plan, you are to eat clean, unprocessed foods. Sounds easy enough, right?

Oh, did I mention that I also decided to sign up for the San Francisco Nike Marathon? And, that training also started on Monday. (At first I thought I was crazy to do a full marathon here in SF with the hills, but then I heard you get a Tiffany necklace if you complete it. No. Brainer.)

Needless to say, I’m sleeping really well.

photo (4)

Post workout on Day 2. I’m not gonna lie – I was in just a sports bra and shorts and had all the windows open. And, I still sweat everywhere.

photo (2)

My lunch and snacks for today. Eating clean.



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  1. A Tiffany necklace?? Awesome!

  2. Good Luck! You are so strong and determined! I would like to try the Insanity workout series someday, but first need to beat the basics. Ha! You are inspiring to me, although I don’t think I could ever do a marathon no matter what jewelry they were giving at the finish line! Good for you for going for it! Also, I have to say for me eating clean is A LOT harder than the physical part of staying healthy..I NEED help in that department! Thanks for the inspiration!

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