Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

I seem to wake up a lot lately with bruises on my legs. I’m pretty convinced my KISA tries to leg wrestle me in the middle of the night, but he denies it. One of these nights I’m going to set up a camera and find out. photo (8)

On Thursday I woke up with a huge bruise on my thigh and another on my arm. Fortunately or unfortunately, this time I knew where it came from. I bike like I’m invisible because cars act like I’m invisible,  even in my florescent yellow jacket I wear most days. I find myself always paying attention to everyone else on the road, knowing they aren’t; I’m sure they think the text on their phone is more interesting than my cool jacket…not that they look up enough to see it.

On Wednesday I was biking in the bike lane and was literally a block and a half away from my apartment. As I was biking parallel to a parked, rusty old van, the lady in it decided it was time for her to pull out of her parking spot and into traffic. And when you do this, using your mirrors to check for oncoming vehicles or bikes is optional. So, she hit me. Thankfully she wasn’t moving very fast (I’m not sure that van was able to go fast anyhow). Since I’m a super coordinated biker I wobbled a bit, but didn’t fall off my bike. The lady screamed like she’d just been hit by the van. My leg and arm took the brunt of the blow and knew that purple was my favorite color. photo (9)

And Mom, you can stop panicking – I really am fine. But still be worried about my KISA beating me in my sleep.

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