82 Degree Attire…?

I made the unfortunate mistake of not looking at the weather reports for yesterday before picking my outfit and proceeding to bike to and from work. For the bike ride into work it was pretty manageable and I typically wear a work-out shirt with a thin layer over it. However, going home was a different story. I didn’t change my outfit because I had an appointment I was going straight to on my bike after I got off the train. I learned pretty quickly that it was a scorcher out there. On my bike ride to the train I made sure to continually move my back in hopes I wouldn’t get back sweat from my 17.6 lb backpack. Thankfully there was no mirror on the train, so I couldn’t prove or disprove if my method worked. I then looked up the temperature in the city and realized it was 82 degrees in the city. Shit. I convinced myself that maybe if I biked fast enough there would be enough of a breeze that I’d still be ok. After I got off the train in the city I headed to my appt. I decided to take a different route, figuring out that it’d be faster. I was wrong. Apparently Pine Street that I started biking up is a 90 degree angle for at least what felt like a mile of it. I made it 100 feet before jumping off my bike and walking it up the hills (yeah, it flattens off for 10 feet so that you can catch your breath and wipe the sweat that’s getting in your eyes, which would technically make it two hills). By the time I got to my appointment (yes, of course they had mirrors) my face was beet red and I looked like I’d just showered in my own sweat. I’m not even exaggerating. I sat in a cloth chair waiting for 10 minutes and when I go up you could see the wet spot from where I’d been sitting.

This was my pintrinspiration for my outfit that I’ll save for next time when it’s a bit cooler.

Bubble Necklace ModelBubble Necklace Me

photo (79)

How I spent the remainder of my afternoon and evening after my appt. And changing, of course.

Jacket: Lands End Canvas; Tee: Gap; Necklace: Ebay; Belt: J.Crew Factory; Capris: Tommy Hilfiger Factory; Shoes: Lands End Canvas



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