The Sweatpants vs. Yoga Pants Debate

Randy and Me Leggings

Our “yoga pants”

My dad likes to wear sweatpants all the time, regardless of if company is coming over. My favorites are a pair of teal ones he wears with a hunter green sweatshirt. Naturally, my knight in shining armor picked up on this and would beg me to allow him to wear sweatpants when we’d go back to my hometown to see my family, pointing out that my dad did so why couldn’t he. He did make a compelling argument, but I never gave in. Well, now he points out that I wear “sweatpants” all the time, but I just call them “yoga pants”. (I don’t correct him and tell him they’re leggings in knowing that would only confuse him more.)

Yesterday when we were getting ready to go shopping for dress shoes for him I threw on my leggings with my favorite chambray shirt to head out. He noticed this and declared he too was going to wear his “yoga pants”. (I should mention that while he put them on to prove a point, he thankfully changed into jeans before we left the house.)

The ironic part in all of this is that he also teases me about my chambray shirt that I basically live in and will keep track of if I wear it twice in the same week (it’s the same as jeans, just air them out and they’re instantly clean again). I told him once that we should get him one, but he declined, saying he would feel like he was in 4th grade again, which apparently was the last time he owned one. During our shopping trip he was on the second floor while I was on the first floor and checked out without me. When we got home I looked in his bag…and found a men’s chambray shirt. I guess now we really can be twins in our “yoga pants” and chambray shirts.

Here was my inspiration for the day:

Model ChambrayMe, Leggings


Shirt: J.Crew Factory (this season); Tee: Hanes; Leggings: Target; Shoes: Nine West

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